Autumn 2018

It has been a lovely start to the Reception year. Children have been exploring the Reception classrooms and the wonderful natural outside areas within the school. Here are some of the learning activities children have been engaged in:

Exploring the changes in in the seasons

We looked at the changes to the season and sang songs to recall how the weather changes during the seasons. We explored the outdoor area collecting the different coloured leaves that the wind had blown to the floor. We listened to the sounds outside and the crunch that the dry leaves made. We also used our skills to hear initial sounds in words and match the objects to the letter on the sorting tray.

20180930_174643_resized          sound l   phonics sounds

We collected them and compared size and colour. We ordered them by size, counting the amount we have and saying what one more than the amount would be.

20180930_175729_resized       20180930_175756_resized

We completed hand and fingerprint trees to represent the different seasons for our Art Day challenge:

20180927_130157_resized_1 20180927_130203_resized_120180927_130214_resized_120180927_130235_resized_1

Can you guess which tree represents which season?