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Our high quality art and design curriculum will motivate, engage and inspire the pupils. This will give them the skills and techniques to be creative with a wide range of tools and media.

An awareness of colour, shape, texture and proportion are developed alongside ideas and feelings. The study of a wide range of artist, craftspeople and designers provide the pupils with a knowledge that can be built upon. They are encouraged to express themselves and be confident in their work. Pupil’s can be supported at home by being encouraged to discuss the art around them. They need the opportunities to be creative with the family at home.

View the Art long term plans for each year group below:

Going For Gold!

To be Gold in Art:

  • Choose tools and materials independently and give suitable/creative reasons.
  • Critically review their own work and that of others.
  • Create 3d objects with intricate detail.
  • Show pattern / texture/ shade when painting.
  • Show a clear and concise understanding of the colour wheel.
  • Draw at a level beyond his/her year group skills.
(Click on the above photo to view Gold work)


Problem Solving!


  • I can investigate: drawing, collage, textiles, printing, collage, photography.
  • I can experiment in ways of framing images.
  • I can use tools and techniques.
  • I can experiment with different materials to create an image.
  • I can generate ideas for my work.
  • I can combine colour, pattern, texture, line, tone, shade and shape to suit a purpose.
  • I work out which visual information I need and combine this with other information.
  • I can use research to create a piece of work.
  • I can use mental calculations and problem solving to create a piece of work in Art or DT.
  • I can plan, test, review and modify.


Art Updates

Destination: Gold

Here is an awesome and informative example of working towards gold from the Year 6s. This research topic is all about North America, our theme for the Geography Focus Day. Just like a professional travel brochure, it contains both human features (Disney Land) and physical features (The Rocky Mountains) that people may want to visit. There is also clearly labelled maps to show us where we can find North America. Brilliant research Year... read more

Art Day ( 21/9/17)

Art Day The pupils throughout the school took part in a wide selection of Art activities. These included painting, collage, pastels, sketching and computing. Many activities were cross curricular and some had a defined skill based objective for example infilling, sketching and printing. Both outdoor and indoor areas were used as well as our new Art and Design room (The Creative Corner). Year 3 Pastel Art Year 3 Pastel Art Year 2 English and Art Year 5 Sketching Year 5 Sketching Year 1 Collage Computer... read more

Easter Eggs!

A collection of photos from our Easter Egg display! The work the children have produced is ‘egg-ceptional’!!! A big thank you to all the help from home the children received. Easter is a special time in our school calendar and seeing this work has shown that our children understand the importance of this Holy... read more