Welcome to St Andrew’s CE Primary School, Hull

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If you would like your child to be a pupil at St Andrew’s, please read our Admissions Policy (click here).

If you are applying under criterion 4 (see policy) click here to download our extra Church School form, please complete it and return it to the school – your main application form should be completed as instructed by the Local Authority.

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The Headteacher’s Long Standing Promise.

Despite mounting paper work and yet more local and national initiatives, I see it as central to our school’s caring, supportive outlook, that I am available to help with any problems, talk to families, liaise with other agencies at anytime of day including weekends and holidays. I simply ask that with the pressure of paperwork these days – and, of course, my advancing age – please be patient if I’m not as quick as I used to be. Caring for our school community does not stop at 3.30!

St Andrew’s is a Voluntary Aided, Primary, Co-educational Day School

The basis of our organisation is designed to bring out the best in our children in terms of the Christian values we uphold as a distinctive Church school: love, peace, faith, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, commitment, reconciliation, healing and justice.

Visiting Arrangements

Meetings for parents of new admissions to the Reception Class are held in the Summer Term, Open Evenings are held termly and other appointments can be made by telephone. Home visits are arranged for parents of children new to the school. Parents interested in bringing their children to St Andrew’s should contact the Headteacher or the School Office in the first instance.

Details of Open Days can be obtained from the School Office.

Our Philosophy – A Child’s Right

Our philosophy is based around the belief that it is a child’s right:

  • to work in an environment of Christian values but with awareness of other beliefs/customs and the significance of choice;
  • to feel safe and secure;
  • to work/play in a world full of interest and colour;
  • to have his/her views respected and to witness respect in all they see and hear;
  • to be involved in the evaluation process;
  • to work and play as he/she moves through the school in consistently familiar surroundings;
  • to be reminded in a consistently firm but fair way of acceptable standards of behaviour;
  • to be set an example of smartness, good manners, respect, endeavour, enthusiasm, honesty, punctuality, consideration for others;
  • to work/play in an environment which is always tidy and orderly – a place he/she can feel happy and proud of;
  • to be led by the hand – no matter how many mistakes he/she makes – along these early years of his/her life and to learn through trial and error the pitfalls and successes of this world;
  • to be rewarded for every small step of effort and achievement;
  • to be in an environment where flexibility and variety are vital parts of classroom organisation and principle;
  • to have equal opportunity in all activities and areas of the curriculum;
  • to be reminded of the importance of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle;
  • to experience humour, warmth, camaraderie and to be part of a socially stimulating environment;
  • to have his/her parents and teachers working in partnership;
  • to progress at an appropriate pace according to ability.